Download Heroes Arena For Android

Download Heroes Arena For Android

The Free Global mobile MMORPG game. Quick, Honest and Entertaining! The battle for Honor! HEROES ARENA game is the latest and best global multiplayer online battle platform game designed especially for mobile, concentrated on fair eSports, joy, and lag-free! Enjoy large PVP battle with single or team and other multiplayer action styles for you to join in as players fighting to improve rankings to get a reputation and excellent prizes! Choose your personal hero, team up and interact with your friends for epic parties, battle over wonderfully drawn maps through hordes of minions, monsters and guardian towers to destroy the enemy’s generator and obtain achievement! Download and register HEROES ARENA, Fair eSports!

Heroes Arena Game Features


- Firebolt fast matchmaking with low queue times and fair gameplay with the emphasis on fast-paced fun.

- Nevermore pay to gain, it’s all regarding Play to Win!


- Classic MOBA action with global multiplayer gameplay with players in your region automatically joining your team.

- Easy controls and user interface gets extra MOBA battle action on your screen yet gives you full control of your hero.

- Excellent controls such as preset before battles your Fast Buy equipment, Leader Abilities, Runes and more to give your hero an even more competing advantage against the other team.

- No need to return to base to buy equipment, buy it on the fly right in the middle of combat and surprise your enemy with enhanced power!

- Fast and quick auto-translated communication preset reports let your team collaborate and strategize without needing to pause battles to type!

- Automatic recorded and saved fights let you focus first on fighting and then analyzing and sharing your epic wins with others over your desired streaming channels.


- Heroes Arena starts with 20 gorgeously created different heroes with an epic special ability and ultimate skill animations.

- 5 Hero Unique Abilities including a Hero Ultimate as well as 3 Leader Skills.

- Play over six distinct hero classes such as Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Support, Tank, and Warrior!

- Check out the various skins to give your hero a different look an edge upon the competition.

- Repeated releases of new saints and skins will be coming.