Tales Of Guardians Mobile Game Android

Tales Of Guardians Mobile Game Android

Tales of Guardians presents a new fiction world game to your mobile device. Stuffed with high-quality content - from full 3D Strategy RPG gameplay to very impressive animation effects, as well as unique storylines and incredible voices, you will be tasked with exploring vast land by embarking on an epic adventure to create your own legend!

Evil Denephris has opened the Ominous Gate and is ready to attack our land! Brave warriors, it's time to create a new age of guards! Fight with Heroes and fight for Glory!


Extraordinary graphics
With detailed 3D graphics display and incredible visual effects, this game presents the best RPG experience for players who like traditional and new RPG games!

Real-Time Strategy Fighting
Choose wisely your teammates from more than 70 charming characters in 4 factions. A combination of different factions will activate special battle bonuses for your team! Join thrilling strategy battles and enemy domination with dynamic skill combos and bonus fractions!

Unique storyline
Clean the stages of the dungeon to open epic stories and discover the myth of this country. Make your judgment at the end of each story to change the fate of the world.

Character Enhancement System
Strengthen your Heroes in many ways: leveling, skill upgrading, tools, runes, artifacts, and more! Raise your team's strength and bring your favorite characters to higher and bigger levels!

Challenging Gameplay
Enjoy more challenging game modes! The Demon Palace, War Mine, Peak Contest, and Arena Dewa wait for brave warriors to adventure!