Tips and Trick playing Mobile Legends

Tips and Trick playing Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends, the MOBA game from Moontoon is currently a successful game in MMORPG level. If you have played the MOBA game, of course, you feel familiar! What are the tips for trick Mobile Legends to win continuously?

Those of you who already understand playing MOBA absolutely understand the basics of attacking, playing lane, and so on.

In order for you to become more expert, we will provide a guide that will make you better understand the depth of playing Mobile Legends and able to give victory to your team!

Let's see the following Mobile Legends trick tips!

Make sure the Internet is adequate

Mobile Legends is a mobile game that relies heavily on a stable internet connection. Of course, you don't want in the middle of a match to break up from the internet right?

You need to know your internet network is good or not. Changing smartphone providers can be a solution if the provider you use in your area is unstable!

WiFi? If you play at home and there is a good internet connection, be thankful! What if playing with public wifi? Look for a place that has a stable internet connection. You can try it first with Youtube buffering for example.

Latency is represented by a green signal in the right-hand corner of the screen, and if you click, the latency number appears. It's a good idea to keep checking your latency if the number is above the 100ms number, it's good that you don't force play.

Heroes rotation

Of course, after mastering one hero, you need to learn another hero. By using lots of heroes, you can find alternative heroes besides your favorites.

By not mastering just one hero, you will not be overwhelmed if in draft or tournament mode you face pick or ban. So, if you master more than three heroes it will be an advantage!

By using different heroes, you can also know each of the advantages and disadvantages of each hero. Of course, you will be able to memorize the movements and how to play each hero that your opponent uses. Useful not this trick tips on Mobile Legends?

Using the Right Set Emblem

The emblem is the rune that you pair in the hero to help you in battle. The emblem may seem trivial, but any slight increase in your status will be very helpful.

Make sure you wear the right emblem for your hero! Indeed there are sets of emblems for each hero type. But it's a good idea to research the emblems that are suitable for your style of play.

For example, if the hero you are using is a fighter, even though the Fighter Emblem Set is recommended, but you can use the Jungle Emblem Set because you will play to be a jungler.